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Swap Shop

If you follow us on Instagram or TikTok, you've probably heard rumblings about a brick-and-mortar Attire Rotation Swap Shop. Well, the rumors are true! We're in the process of securing a space for our Swap Shop, which means you'll have ample opportunity to swap out your wardrobe and won't be limited to our once-a-month pop-ups. 

Our Swap Shop will have exciting features that we cannot offer at our pop-ups. Some of them include: 

- Credit rollover: say you bring in 10 items but only find 5. You can come back another day to redeem those 5 items at no extra charge.

- More leisurely shopping (no more fighting the crowds)

- More swapping options with our pricing model below

25 items for $40 ($1.60/item)
20 items for $35 ($1.75/item)
15 items for $30 ($2.00/item)
10 items for $25 ($2.50/item)
5 items for $20 ($4.00/item)

We would love your support to secure the funds we need to lease and equip the Swap Shop to give you the best swapping experience. Any amount helps and pushes us closer to our goal.

If you could, also, take the time to fill out our Swap Shop survey that way we can build the best in-store experience for you! 

*Music: Blue window by Jeff Kaale*

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