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Do I have to bring clothes to swap?

Yes! This model only works if each swapper brings items. All items are one for one.

What happens if I don't find enough items to take home?

While we can't offer any guarantees because it is a swap, we focus on operating at a high volume so your chances of finding items to take home is high!

If you're skeptical check out our free 1 item swap ticket!

Pro tip: Your swap credits are good for all day!

I heard volunteers get a free swap ticket. Is this true?

Yes! We have the coolest volunteer crew! Volunteer slots usually go pretty quickly. Please see our volunteer page for more information on event day help + other volunteer opportunities.

Are there dressing rooms?


What sizes do you have?

We typically see the most volume in sizes XS - XL.

Do I have to bring hangers?

While it is helpful, it is not required.

Do I need to buy a ticket ahead of time?

Tickets are limited so it is encouraged to snag one when they are released!

Do you accept donations?

Yes! You are not required to swap to donate clothes to us. Clothing donations are added to the swap inventory and the remainder is donated to community organizations right here in Atlanta.

What styles do you accept?

We accept any styles that are current or vintage. 

Can I bring extra items in the case some of my items aren't accepted?

Yes! You are welcome to bring a few back up items.

Do you only offer swapping for women's clothing?

While we do most volume in women's / femme clothing, we also offer a men's / masc section. Invite your friends so we have the largest selection available for all swappers!

Where is the swap shop?

We pop up at different locations around the city! The location information will be located on your ticket or announced closer to event day.

Do you offer rollovers?

Yes! You can rollover up to 5 items to your next swap. 

Please note your rollover acts as an add-on to your next swap and you must still purchase a ticket & bring items.

Example: You have 5 credits leftover from a previous swap. You purchase a ticket for a 10 item swap. You must bring 10 items and you can take up to 15.

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